MOCKINGBIRD, GWENOM, and HULK are shipping around 10/5
SHARON ROGERS, LOIS LANE, THOR, and NIGHTWING are available from 10/1-10/31, shipping around 11/5

How It Works

Each month, we feature two female legends from Marvel or DC

Pick your side (or go for both!) and get awesome items centered around those ladies

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Each month we will pick items that feature a lady of legend, including a graphic novel (or multiple comics), a Funko figure, and other merchandise. One item will be "girly", such as a bath bomb or jewelry. The box is a surprise, but we will reveal 2-3 items each month to our email list and social media sites. You can also add a t-shirt to your box or get the t-shirt on its own!

Signing up for our Super Hero/Villain boxes doesn't JUST get you a t-shirt for a lower also enters you into our monthly contest for free stuff!

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