MOCKINGBIRD, GWENOM, and HULK are shipping around 10/5
SHARON ROGERS, LOIS LANE, THOR, and NIGHTWING are available from 10/1-10/31, shipping around 11/5

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the box?

Each month, we bring together merchandise featuring a particular lady of legend. We will include a graphic novel or a few comics, a Funko figure, and a few other items focused on the featured character. We will offer 2 choices per month, a hero and a villain/anti-hero, from Marvel or DC. You can also upgrade your box to include a t-shirt, or get just the shirt.

Why just Marvel and DC?

These are the two major comic varieties that we grew up with, so this is where we wanted to start. If there is a high enough demand, we may look into expanding to more publishers at a later date. We will switch between Marvel and DC on a month-to-month basis, so if you do not like a particular character or publisher, feel free to skip and join us the next month!

How is this different from other boxes like LootCrate or NerdBox?

We focus on one particular character at a time, bringing together items from all over. We are hoping that as the demand for female character focused items increases, we will have more options!

How much is the box?

Our regular box is currently priced at $34.99 USD and the mini box is $24.99 (missing the graphic novel/comics and 1 other item). Add a T-shirt for just $14 or buy a T-shirt on its own for $20. We no longer charge extra for larger sizes. Also get a custom box featuring the lady of legend of your box for $5.

What about shipping, fees, taxes?

Shipping is based on location and weight. We pass along our shipping discount to you, and we try to keep our boxes as light as possible. We only charge sales tax for customers located in Texas (sorry!), and we do not charge VAT or any other added taxes for our international customers. If taxes/import fees are assessed, please be aware that they are the customer's responsibility.

Where do we ship?

We ship to the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal. If there is demand for other countries, we may open it up later! Please note, we know that shipping costs suck. :(

What's the Return Policy?

Subscription Products are not eligible for returns. For shop items, we will accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Items must be unopened/unused and in original condition. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Once product is received, we will process a refund for the original order amount, less shipping. Please contact us via email if you are wanting to return a product BEFORE sending it.

What's the Exchange Policy?

Subscription Products are not eligible for exchange. For shop items, we will accept exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Items must be unopened/unused and in original condition. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Once product is received, we will send the replacement item. Depending on product weight/customer location, a new shipping charge may be assessed. Please contact us via email if you are wanting to exchange a product BEFORE sending it.

What if I want to change my box for next month?

At the beginning of each month, we will send our subscribers an email stating what our featured characters are going to be for the month. To upgrade/downgrade/adjust the subscription, please follow the instructions in the email. The email must be responded to by the 14th of the month for changes to occur. 

When do you request which t-shirt design I want?

For new subscribers, we send the email within 3 business days to the email you signed up with. For renewing subscribers, we send after renewal occurs on the 15th.

How does this whole subscription thing work?

Welcome to the world of subscription boxes! When you buy a subscription item, you will not receive an item right away. Our goal is to ship sometime between the 5th and the 10th of each month. Depending on your location, it can take between 1-15 business days to receive your item. This means you could be billed for a second month before you receive the first. Renewals occur on the 15th, so all changes need to occur by the 14th to ensure the changes process correctly.

What if I want to skip the month?

If you aren't into the characters of the month, no problem! When we send out the email about making your monthly selections, we will include an option to skip. Or sign into your account and click the skip button. If you prepaid for your subscription, please email us about skipping as clicking the SKIP button will not work.

What if I my card is expired or the charge doesn't go through?

We know stuff happens, so we will automatically try to recharge your subscription every day for 10 days. Once those 10 days have passed, we will set you to skip for that month. If you want that month, log in to your account and update your card, then EMAIL us. We will prompt your account to charge to re-activate your subscription. Otherwise, it will not renew until the next month. **Please note - we will auto skip you for 3 months, and then your account will expire permanently. It can still be re-activated.

What if I want to cancel?

What the hell, man? Before you do that, email us and tell us what's up. If you absolutely hate us or you goofed up and meant to set it as a non-renewing gift, well that sucks. If there is something we can do to make your experience better, we want to know. You can also log into your account and do it from there, but please be honest about why you're leaving.

Why do I see a charge from Bloomin' Bin?

Bloomin' Bin is our parent company! This is still us, we promise.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

See that Contact us link down there? Click it, ask away.

What are your t-shirt sizes?

We use men's sizes/styles. See the handy-dandy chart below.

Will you join in our crusade?