MOCKINGBIRD, GWENOM, and HULK are shipping around 10/5
SHARON ROGERS, LOIS LANE, THOR, and NIGHTWING are available from 10/1-10/31, shipping around 11/5

About Us

Who is the Lady of Legend?

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I've been into comics since I was very young. I've read a good deal of the X-men comics as well as a number of bios from (if you haven't perused this site, you should, it's awesome!)

Since comic book movies and TV shows have become more popular, I've noticed a decided LACK of merchandise dedicated to female characters. This is slowly changing for the better, but finding the merchandise is difficult, especially for reasonable prices (I went to a comic con a few weeks ago, and noticed Funko Pops for $15 or more)

My goal is to provide focused character merchandise centered around each comic book heroine and villainess. This makes us different from any other comic box out there!

Will you join in my crusade?